Tikaa Cone

Six years ago, Tikaa Cone joined the world of Instagram as Totally Tikaa. As someone who already enjoyed table decorating and all things DIY, it came naturally to Tikaa to share her beautiful creations. It is through one of these Instagram posts that Lenox found Tikaa. From this post came a collaboration that led to multiple best-selling dishware lines. To date, Tikaa has designed — different lines for Lenox, and she continues her work with them. Not only has Tikaa designed dishes for Lenox, she has also created a set of fabulous Christmas ornaments. Through her collaboration with Lenox, Tikaa’s focus was to create beautiful, high-end pieces, that were still affordable for, and accessible to, the average woman.

While Totally Tikaa was taking off with Lenox, she was also developing quite the following on Instagram. Tikaa became known as, not only a decor expert, but also a fashion influencer. Her impeccable taste, and connections to many local boutique owners, solidified her as a go-to fashion expert. Tikaa began working with multiple companies to represent their products. Her loyal (and large) following continues to take note of all products that Tikaa represents.

Tikaa continues to develop many exciting business opportunities. Her Riverwalk dish collection (developed with Lenox) was featured in Better Homes and Gardens June 2018 issue. Tikaa is working with Toss Designs on some exciting new things for Christmas, while continuing to represent and promote other brands and products. If you follow her on Instagram, you will see that her design and creativity is something that works its way into her everyday life, and it is something that she loves to share with the world.