Signor Vineyard

In 2014, John Weisinger (who first learned to make wine from the wild grapes that grew along the very same creek that ran through both the Signor and Weisinger properties) was approached by Charles’s son Clay to consult with him about building a vineyard and winery.  John, who had been in the wine business in Oregon since 1987, agreed and brought his son, Eric, who grew up in the business at The Weisinger Family Vineyard in Oregon to help as well.

The two family histories continue as the third generation, Eric Weisinger and Clay Signor, have now come together as friends and winemakers. The mutually exclusive skills of both men have contributed to what you are enjoying at Signor Vineyards today. Continuing the Signor legacy, Clay’s passion for horticulture, architecture and ranching, along with his attention to detail have combined with Eric’s talent for producing world-class handcrafted wines (having traveled to California, Australia, and New Zealand to expand his wine making skills). The result is what makes Signor Vineyards a unique wine experience. Three generations of friendship has shown us the value of an extended family. And it’s with this in heart that we invite you to become part of our extended winery family.