The Arbors—it’s a family name!

The Arbors Round Top, Tx Antiques Week Rose

Would a rose be a rose or smell as sweet if it were named differently?

Arbor International Antiques and Interior Design Show is quite a mouthful for a name!  At the time, we wanted our name to reflect our multi-continental antique sources and amazing variety—from all kinds of art, jewelry, textiles, and furniture–of unique items from our dealers who were direct importers or designers of these fabulous wares.

As owner of the show, we wanted to bridge our love and expertise in Antiques to the Round Top, Tx Antiques Week. It was a great name that described our show to a “T” on paper. However, it was always shortened to “The Arbors” when conversing or telling a friend about our show and even more so after 20 Years!!

Soon, “The Arbors” became not only the nickname of our show, but a reflection of  the essence and character of our show. The Arbors, with its big white tents raised to the sky announcing the biannual Round Top hustle and bustle of selling the best wares on earth, has become a great family and the greatest place to be.

The Arbors White Tents Round Top, Tx Antiques Week

So a name may be just a name, but it seems to us to have become so much sweeter here in Round Top!

Round Top Antiques

Come to The Arbors… experience the World in just 12 acres.

Round Top, Tx Antiques Week The Arbors

Tent Pictures by Wallace and Dean

We are excited to see you at the upcoming Round Top, Tx Antiques Week and are very pleased with our extensive and diverse list of dealers, both returning and new(our family keeps growing!). Watch for more dealer details over the next few weeks–Dealer Directory

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For everything you need to know about Round Top, Texas–Round Top Register and Show Guide

Special thanks to Stephanie Meyer of Paul Meyer Studios for designing our Logo!

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