Ole’ San Miguel Journey to The Arbors

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I am Clint. I have Ole’ San Miguel booth at Arbors in Round Top, Tx and have been in Arbors Show with Curtis Ann since the Spring show of 1999.

My first RT show was at Marburger Farms in the fall of 1998. After that show was over, I was driving up through Round Top and saw Pandora’s tent by the highway all alone in Curtis & Dave’s new show.

Pandora The Arbors Round Top

I pulled in and met Pandora. I told her I was searching for a permanent spot at Round Top, Tx. She said instantly, ” Oh, you must meet Curtis Ann and move here beside me. This is going to grow into a great show!” Pandora was a prophet that day. Arbors did become the best show in RT in the years that followed. Pandora walked me down and I met Curtis and Dave and we instantly connected as Christians and I signed up for a big tent next to Pandora on the highway that next spring show of 1999. I have been there ever since.

It has been a wonderful journey at Arbors over the past 19 years. So many great memories and new friends made.  The Arbors Show has been like a family for me every 6 months when I make the 2,000 mile drive from near the Guatemalan border to bring out hand made women’s clothing.

Roundtop Antiques Week

My wife and I live full time in Teopisca, Chiapas, Mexico. We work with over 50 poor Indigenous women in the states of Michoacan, Guerrero, Oaxaca, and Chiapas. Our clothing business at Arbors is our only sales outlet where we bring out these one of a kind, hand made textiles, each show. The hand embroidery and hand loomed fabrics are an ancient art that dates back thousands of years in the Mayan and Indegenous Indian world we live in. Our clothes are each one of a kind items not made anywhere else on earth. Our store is a Christian business here at Arbors Show to support the poor families that do the amazing hand work in textiles.

Just one hand loomed dress (Huipil) that will be at Arbors this September!

Mexican Shirt Guy The Arbors Round Top

Round Top Antiques Week The Arbors Round Top

We are well known for our Handmade Mexican shirts and dresses here at Round Top…come and see us!

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