Fun Times with Good Friends

Fun Times with Good Friends

By Kendall Boggs  (Tent D)

Hey y’all!

Kendall Boggs(left) & Lisa Moore(right)

My name is Kendall Boggs (from Birmingham, Alabama) and this fall will be my 7th season of showing my art at The Arbors! Which BTW is the VERY best venue around….but then again, I’m a little prejudiced.  Lisa Moore, Clara Blalock, and I started our trek out to Roundtop in the Fall of 2015.  We had no clue what we were doing and I mean we were TOTALLY green.  Lisa had been to Roundtop to check things out, but for Clara and me, we were clueless.  We really went out there for the fun and with hopes that we would sell enough art to pay our way.  We got there and to see 9 or 10 HUGE floored tents was a little overwhelming.  We found some guy to build us some walls to hang our art. After we saw the finished product we all went, OH NO. These look horrible!!! Raw wood does not make for a great backdrop for art.  Not sure really what we were thinking, but we decided to paint the walls….Now…. The heat index that day was 115 degrees.  NO LIE.

We wrapped paper towels around our heads and got to work.  After we finished they looked almost as bad as before. I am now positive that the other vendors were laughing hysterically at the “new kids on the block”.  That first year was one of the most fun times I’ve ever had.  Since then, Lisa and I have continued to head out to Roundtop on the 13 hour drive every season.  We love it there and it’s just our little piece of heaven (and fun).  We now stay on campus in a rented RV (which is super fun btw) and have continued to make life long friends.  We have established collectors who come back season after season to see the new pieces of art we bring!  Lisa and I work great together.  Every season I make my “almost famous” “Drag it through the garden Bloody Marys”.

This season we will be serving them on Saturday, September 29th from 11 – 1 for those of you who can’t resist one heck of a Bloody! Complete with bacon. (I may even give out the recipe).  I learned how to make them when I was 9. (had a grandmother who loved a good Bloody)*don’t judge*

Lisa and I have continued to show our art next to each other each season.  While our art is very different (Lisa is an oil painter and I am an acrylic and watercolor painter) our art seems to compliment one another.  And when one of us needs a break, the other is there to take up the slack!

One of my most favorite things to do at Roundtop is to show how art works together.  I love to pull art from different artists at The Arbors and show how to co-ordinate art to gain interest in your design.  As an Interior Designer for 20 years, my background has given me the opportunity to offer the service of coordinating art and help with correct sizing for my clients. I always say, having a house full of the same artist tends to get a little boring. I do, however, try to bring new and exciting designs each season.  From unique framing to resin pieces, from abstracts to impressionist, I try to have something for everyone! I also offer $38.00 paintings as little gifties!

This year I am SO very excited to be bringing a new line of jewelry that will compliment my booth! Chunky acrylic necklaces, earrings and bracelets priced from $28.00 – $68.00! They are truly a must see!

I’m also hard at work on a new line of abstracts I’m calling “Rule Breakers” (I mean who doesn’t like to break a few rules now and then!)

I hope to see all of you at the Fall Roundtop Show!!!! We will have a soft opening on Sept. 25! Come to see us at The Arbors Tent D!  And I would love for you to follow me on Instagram!

Kendall Boggs Fine Art is the name to follow!  Also, my website is www.kendallboggsfineart

Later guys!



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