Greg O’Neal

Greg O’Neal, founder of CUR8 and the creative principal of PHILOSOPHY DESIGN, has been curating, designing, and licensing products for the national and international home furnishings industry for over 25 years. His scope of work ranges from residential to commercial interior design, strategic retail and wholesale business development, as well as product design and creative direction for some of the largest manufacturers and retailers in the global marketplace. However, he prefers more intimate and approachable labels (“if I have to have a label”)… CREATIVE pot-stirrer or GLOBAL goodness-Ambassador.

Within a 25+ year product design career O’Neal has created volumes of furniture, accessories and lighting designs through national and international brands, licenses and marketplaces. O’Neal founded in 2004 his own Dallas, TX based design firm Philosophy Design, touting the most important “philosophy” behind the firm is that of “the greatest designs come from working with the greatest people”. Philosophy Design has shared its design goodness throughout the globe and is still impacting the United States senior care, restaurant, and boutique hotel, residential and retail segments.

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