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Salted Caramel Bark
Jenny & Cathryn - 1989
Tent : Kiosk

Forty-six years ago, a family recipe was passed down from one generation to another. Granny Moses taught a 5-year-old little Texas girl named Jenny to make a delicious treat that she had enjoyed her entire life: Granny’s famous fudge.

Year after year, holiday after holiday, Jenny slowly mastered her amazing desserts. Family and friends couldn't say anything but “Yes, Please!" when she offered these gourmet treats.

Fast forward some years, and Jenny's college roommate turned best friend, a fellow Texan and famous sweet tooth, Cathryn, happily taste-tested batches and batches of Jenny's creations, along with their band of five children.

Between the two friends, they had countless family recipes they wanted to share, including delectable breads and savory nut mixes that Cathryn’s mother traditionally made over the holidays. With these additions to the menu, the pair had more to offer and more for their loved ones to taste.

Yes, Please! is really the story of two best friends who needed some cash for their pockets so they could continue to put smiles on their little monsters’ faces, all while doing what they loved and honoring generations of family recipes. Just as long as the kiddos say "Yes, Please!"

Yes, Please! now consists of both sweet and savory treats. Peppermint bark, savory nuts, lemon bread, and of course, Granny’s fudge, are just some of the many treats the friends prepare. Yes, Please! is proudly made in small batches with love in Austin, Texas. From our family to yours, we hope these treats put a smile on the faces of those you love (and yours too)!