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Taylor and Tessier
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Adam and Taylor’s merger was organic, and their line has grown the same way. Working long hours side-by-side in a 100-year old workshop in Aspen to bring T&T to life, their four hands have shaped every step of the process.

For Taylor Tessier, nature and adornment have always been intertwined.

“My grandpa lived on a lagoon in the Florida Keys and had a little woodworking shop,” she says. “One visit, I found this beautiful piece of wood in the mangrove forest and pictured it as a ring.

With Grandpa’s help and the tools in his shop, I transformed it into my first piece of jewelry. That day, I thought, ‘Wow, I can create what I see.’”

Fifteen years later, she was back in Grandpa’s woodshop with her husband and partner Adam, filling their first major order for Taylor & Tessier. Back then it was just the two of them in board shorts and swimsuits—crafting jewelry in the mangroves.

Raw materials have always been centerpiece and guide for Taylor & Tessier’s design. Today, it’s less found wood and more Tahitian pearl and ethically sourced exotic leather, but the organic spirit of the work remains—rough yet refined. It’s elegance, naturally hewn.

T&T evokes the spirit of place; the feeling of memories made new.

Designed in-house and handcrafted in their Aspen Valley atelier, every T&T piece is the result of collaboration between Taylor and Adam. Playing off each other’s strengths, they manifest pieces that strike an exciting balance of structure and whimsy.

“We’re naturally attracted to the masculine and fem materials that balance it out,” says Taylor. “It’s how we mix the materials when we create together.”

Whether the rugged beauty of Colorado or the lushness of a Balinese forest, place is at the heart of T&T designs. Each piece exudes a distinct origin and character, recalling landscape in a wearable way that passes the test of time.

“Every time we work on a piece,” says Adam. “We think, ‘Will a person be able to wear this every day and it still look good?’ We want our designs to be timeless, therefore our craftsmanship has to be.”