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I was born in Savannah, Georgia and moved to Fort Worth, Texas when I was three. I spent the majority of my childhood painting and dancing, and eventually chose ballet as my main interest. It wasn’t until my sophomore year of college that I got back into painting again. I threw myself head first into the art world, deciding soon after to transfer to UNT. I graduated with a BFA in Fine Art Painting and Drawing in 2018.

My last semester I decided to focus on learning non-objective abstract art techniques to try and get as much out of my education as possible. I struggled with this style until my professor pushed me to look at Sam Gilliam’s piece at the DMA. With his help and I stumbled upon the idea of using tea, coffee and other spices as my new media of choice, I fell into my style and current series called ‘Memories’.

Playing with the push and pull of the way tea and coffee move on the canvas, I learned to be comfortable with losing control of the medium. I recognized how the medium changes its placement and its colors when it dries and how similar it is to the way memories change and fade with time. After a painting is finished I usually pour a thin layer of resin on top, to keep not only the medium in place. But it is also a representation of me trying to hold onto memories that seem to fade and change so easily with time.

Fast forward 5 years, I have now made painting my full time career, happily discovering and navigating the art world with my amazing supporters by my side!