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Sikara and Co. Jewelry
Step Ladder Bracelet Inspired from India
Arana Ring inspired from Bilbao, Spain
Great Stackables!
Four Square Hugger Ring inspired from Spain
Mosaic Ring inspired by Gaudi's architecture
Limited Edition Collection
Stackable Spain
Arabesque Collection from Egypt
Indian Peacock Earrings
Spain Ring
Indian Snake Charmer Ring
Brazilian Twig Neckalce & Bracelet
India Desert Print Ring
Limited Edition Necklace and Bangle
Modern Pieces
Italian Necklaces
Milan inspired Ring
German Collection
Mexican Flower set
Arabesque Collection
German Necklace
Milano Necklace
Spain inspired Ring
Brazilian Earrings
Brazil Copacabana Cuff
Mixed Tourmaline Indian Ring
Aqua Chalcedony Necklace
Swirly Jalebi Set
Iceland Inspired
Tent : D-1

Walking into Sikara & Co. evokes the feeling of taking a journey around the world.  The contemporary jewelry line is inspired by the travel photography of Austinite founder, Mousumi Shaw. One can discover modern fusion jewelry created with sterling silver & 18K vermeil with semi-precious stones. As you peruse, you will notice pieces inspired by the architecture of Bilbao & Barcelona, earrings influenced by Indian desserts, and cocktail rings inspired by the Brazilian Amazon. The collections currently include Brazil, Egypt, Germany, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, and Spain.  While you check out the jewelry, you can also pick up original and signed photographs to color your walls at home! We will also have a large variety of cufflinks, travel pouches and accessories.


The name Sikara is inspired by the Indian word, Shikara, which means houseboat. It symbolizes the journey we take in life, which results in a fusion of experiences. As a teenager, founder Mousumi Shaw helped her mother, an immigrant from India, start up her own jewelry company in the United States. Fourteen years later in 2005, Mousumi decided to launch Sikara, which incorporates her passions for art, jewelry, and other cultures.
She travels the world, working with her team of inspirational designers to create collections based on her experiences and travel photography from different countries. Through these international collections, Mousumi takes you on a voyage, sharing the culture and history of each country.
Sikara is Modern Fusion Jewelry and is a reflection of Mousumi’s life as a first-generation Indian-American. Although her ancestral roots are in India, she has been influenced by a multicultural world. Her travel and life experiences in over fifty countries have become ingrained in her personality, her sense of style, and the design of Sikara.
“Fusion” represents our lives in today’s world. It is a blend of our past heritage and a new modern spirit. Sikara speaks to this fusion. As you’ll see in this catalog, Sikara’s sterling silver jewelry collection is elegant, unique and a fusion of style. The current design line includes designs inspired by ten countries: Brazil, Egypt, Germany, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Mexico and Spain.


Our Mission and Values

Our mission at Sikara & Co. is to bring the world closer together by celebrating global designs. We strive to discover unique and classic designs inspired from the globe, sharing the beauty of the world with our customers. We believe when people learn about other cultures, connectivity happens, understanding grows and love blossoms. Part of bringing the world closer together also means giving back to the communities of our customers and to the globe. We are proud to have supported over 110 non-profit organizations centered around empowerment, entrepreneurship, women & children, the arts and international development. We strive to build a company in which high standards are reflective in all aspects of our business including our team, operations, product and service, while having fun!

As a company whose core purpose is to take our customers on “a journey of travel, inspiration & adventure”, our core values spell out GLOBE. We live, breathe and build our business around these values: