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Mora Giraffe Bag
Sarah at Round Top
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Jacket + Purse
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Sarah Stewart is stylish, decorative, spirited, and nicely hard to label. The perfect balance between bohemian, classic, and contemporary, Sarah Stewart will bring together any look, with upscale appeal yet casual affordability. Hand printed textiles, silks, metals, grass, and leather goods take center stage to a diverse and growing product line.

 Sarah once called Indonesia home for nearly half a decade when her children were young.  Returning to Indonesia years later gave Sarah’s love for fashion an artistic reawakening.The picturesque beauty and the creative artisans motivated Sarah to design her own fashion line and to manufacture in Bali to support the local artisans. Our relationship with our manufacturers has become equal parts personal and business. The Balinese men and women who work with Sarah help define our brand.

While the inspiration for her products comes form worlds away, they possess hints of Texas flare.