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Sarah Johnson Fine Art
Sarah Johnson Fine Art Colorful Pleasant Lines 2.JPG
Sarah Johnson Fine Art  Kaleidescope  2.JPG
Sarah Johnson Fine Art  Life to Full Lavender Orange 6.jpg
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Joyful 2 .jpg
Joyful .jpg
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SARAH JOHNSON puts passion, heart, and a lifetime of creative experience into each painting. Her unique series exhibit both uninhibited freedom and methodical technique. She layers colors, textures, and movement to bring a refreshing burst of color or a neutral compliment to any room.

“I believe things that you bring into your home make a difference in the way you live and feel. My artwork is inspired by joy, purpose, and freedom. I hope my paintings are a source of inspiration for you and everyone who enters your home.” -Sarah

Sarah has been a professional artist for 10 years with paintings in homes all over the world. Each series has a meaningful message, adding both truth and beauty to your walls.

Sarah also works with client’s specific color requests to create commission artwork they love. Please let her know how she can bring beauty into your home!