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Rhenda Saporito ART
Snow-Mass, 76”x 92”, Mixed Media on Canvas, unstretched
Cigars on Soniat, # 4, 66”x 47”, Mixed Media on Canvas
Cigars on Soniat, 83”x 67”, Mixed Media on Canvas, unstretched
Cashmere Scarves and Pocket Squares
Cigars on the Beach Ogden Museum
Cigars on the Beach  #24&25,
@ToriRubinsonInteriors, @KathySlaterDesignCollection Prytania Console pared with Rhenda Saporito “Cigars in Sausalito”, Dallas
Rhenda Saporito
“Aqua Waves”, 48”h x 36”w
66”h x 66”w
“I Hope You Dance”, 66”h x 46”w
“Cigars on Soniat #10, 67”h x 48”w
“Chihuly Orange” 66”x 50” , @PalmOrleans  Fabric, @Bvizdesigns Antique Pillow
Tent : D
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RHENDA C. SAPORITO | Metairie, Louisiana 

Artist Statement 2024

I am an abstract painter living and working in New Orleans. My studies at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts concentrated on abstract expressionists including Diebenkorn, De Kooning, Rauschenberg and Joan Mitchell. Participating in workshops and residencies with several internationally known artists, continues to further my practice.

My paintings are large works on canvas, sometimes as large as a mural. I love the whole body engagement that occurs when activating a large canvas. An intuitive application of mixed media is my focus when I develop a painting. With no regard for the end result, my path takes me into and out of chaos. Throughout the process, the painting becomes pared down and one may find a resting place. The push pull of the sheen of the painting when viewed from the side becomes the topography of the painting. 

Images of visions long ago, a reflection of previous life experiences, work their way into the narrative. The ultimate goal is an emotional response to the work that is communicated without words. The underlying marks and paint application tell a story. I sometimes wonder how the finished painting came to a resolution.