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regan carlile works

Hello and welcome!

Thank you for visiting Regan Carlile WORKS.

I create mixed media art work in my home studio in Dallas, Texas.

I discovered my artistic side after graduating from college. I delved into interior design for two decades. I loved layering textures, colors, proportions and unexpected items to create cohesive expressive interiors. It was fulfilling to help my clients find their own aesthetic and create spaces that made them feel settled and delighted to be home. When designing interiors I was always a big believer in the impact of art.

Art like music speaks the language of the soul.

Itโ€™s felt.

Creating allows me to trust my instincts, express my interior world and grow but also not take myself so seriously. I make a mess, take a risk and open my heart.

I hope you enjoy my works. I hope they lift your spirit, cause you to wonder and make you feel more at home.

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