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Embroidered Chiffon Caftan. Multi on Blk.8 (600x450)
20190730_183912 (640x480)
20200920_130735 (607x800)
Afghan Frock (2)
Artist Smock with Blk. embroidery.4
20200920_130714 (591x800)
20200920_130805 (600x800)
Swati Caftan. with fringe.
Creme Lace Duster.9 (600x450)
Romani Caftan
Layla.long.blue on white.6 (600x450)
Tent : C-1

Always having a love for textile arts of Asia, in January 2010, Mansoor Badshah and Marisa Nicole Rufe began a new endeavor, Meena Mahal Arts, and began seeking out traditional embroidery styles and techniques in Pakistan’s Northwest province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Mansoor’s own back yard!  This historical region, which is rich with ancient culture, treasures, trade and legends of the famous “Silk Road”, beckoned us to embark on this intriguing journey of inspirational designs from South and Central Asia. Meena Mahal, (our brand), currently produces collections in India and Pakistan. In August 2016 , we opened “Poetic Threads” , a retail store on Canyon Road, and have now moved to 107 Don Gaspar in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico. We carry exquisite vintage pieces that inspire our contemporary unique collections. Please visit!

We hope the product speaks volumes about the intense effort put into every aspect of its creation, while accepting that natural flaws add to its novelty and charm. By engaging dedicated artisans in fair trade practices and providing sustainable income, we are committed to ethical & slow fashion principles. A portion of all sales benefit our Social Enterprise, Poetic Threads of Pakistan.