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MINE Native American Turquoise and Accessories
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My love for turquoise began with a goal - to get Mom through her chemotherapy treatment for triple-negative breast cancer. As we settled into that infusion room for another long day, her exact words were "I just need a little something to look forward to".

We planned a trip to a place we'd never been, but one that would be easy to cancel in case she wasn't up for it - and found ourselves in the tiny town of Truth or Consequences, NM (T or C to the locals).

These trips (14 years strong!) fueled a passion for Native American jewelry and turquoise in particular, that only strengthens with every trip back. Every piece I select is an authentic, handmade, Native American work-of-art.

For Roundtop this year, I'm excited to be able to add additional items - caftans, kimonos, handbags and accessories that are a true reflection of my personal style.

I'm proud to introduce the uninitiated to my passion and to shop for new treasures for those that have already started their collection. I hope you'll come see me!