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Lucy MacQueen
Lucy_macQueen_Hope Saatchi.jpeg
Lucy_MacQueen_Silence Before the Rain_Saatchi copy.jpeg
Lucy_MacQueen_Drinking the Rain* Saatchi.jpeg
*A Fall of Rain 12 x 12.JPG
*Yellow Fields 24 x 18.JPG
*Small Inlet 24 x 24.JPG
*White Caps 12 x 12.JPG
Morning copy.jpg
*Texas Wetlands 18 x 18.JPG
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Phone: (512)784-4081

For as long as I can remember I have loved painting and have been fortunate enough to have had a long and enjoyable career as an artist. I grew up in the UK but have lived in Texas for decades and consider myself a local, drawing inspiration from our beautiful native landscape. I am lucky enough to live minutes away from the gorgeous hill country and various bodies of water and make sure to take trips to the coast for both research and pleasure.

My work depicts a sense of topography while expressing my interest in color interactions and contrasting shapes and I make use translucent acrylics to capture the light and drama of a changing sky or the cloud shadow on the landscape. I work in a semi abstract style but retain the reality of the subject and the end result is a complex transparency that brings the painting to life.