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Leslie Cheatham Design
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Phone: 210-385-5423

Leslie Cheatham Design by Leslie Morrison

Leslie Morrison grew up in San Antonio and studied decorative painting on the east coast and Europe.  Returning home after 20 years, she began her decorative painting business, Vigini Paint and Design, in 1998.

In 2018 through Ancestory.com, Leslie located her biological father Robert Cheatham, his wife and her 2 ½ doppelganger sisters who embraced her as family.  At the same time, she began her hand painted monogramming and custom design business which she aptly named after them.  Knowing she was born and adopted at the Gladney Center in Fort Worth and that the Cheathams lived in Gainesville, Texas, she realized her lifelong suspicions were true: that she was country (she just didn’t know how much!) and with this she reignited her love affair with Cowboy, Indian and Wild Western culture.

With an east coast, Parisian and Greek education, an expat experience in The Netherlands, Brussels and Northern England and a love for Texas and western fashion, Leslie combines painting luxury leather, Louis Vuitton and Goyard, with monogramming and painting cowboy boots which has become her signature artistic style.

Her studio is in Terrell Hills and you can contact her to make an appointment or find her at an event in a city near you.