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Yarn, fabric and crafts collide in an edgy assortment of unique gifts for shoppers of all kind—big, little, Knotty or nice!

Looking for the perfect gift? Our gum ball hula hoops, hooded towels, and wide variety of capes and costume boxes are more than just a great surprise—their endless fun!

Pretty princesses will love sparkling in our tutus, fairy sets, and butterfly capes, and boisterous boys will relish our loaded superhero belts, monster launches, and dinosaur towels.

Even adults can spice up their life with our furry ear clips, butterfly capes, and monster hats.

With a variety of other gifts, play-wear and accessories—Knotty Kid products are guaranteed to bring joy and laughter to the whole family. Whether you’re young, old, big or small, there's a Knotty Kid in us all!