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High Noon Market
Buffalo Leather Tote
The Everyday Essential Tote
The Herringbone Tote & The Bucket Satchel
Leather Backpack
Indigo Throws
Tent : D-1
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Phone: 281-224-1453


High Noon Market was created by former teacher, Sarah Heston, in the fall of 2017. After the recent loss of her brother and best friend, Sarah was reminded that tomorrow is not promised and the importance of making each day count. She decided to take a year off to "explore, grow, and create." Within a few short months, her small business made its debut.

The name "High Noon" was inspired by Houston's Christian radio station, KSBJ. Everyday they say the Lord's prayer at High Noon, and that's just what she did.

High Noon Market is an answered prayer for this local business owner featuring clothing, accessories, home goods and decor, leather handbags, and vintage furniture pieces.