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Haley Bowen Fine Art
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Phone: (407)376-7352

HALEY BOWEN is a Texas artist and a tenant artist at Sawyer Yards. A student from Parsons the New School for Design, Rollins College, and The American University of Rome, she received a B.A. in studio art with a double minor in art history and creative writing.

Haley is a Neo-expressive figurative artist who strives to empower all women through nude portraiture. Drawing nude figures for over 14 years, her art is a platform for visual storytelling through lyrical line work, specific color choices, and intimate drawing experiences. Hosting hundreds of drawing sessions for women of all colors, body types, ages, and identities, Haley uses art to rebuild the relationship between the physical body and the voice within.

Haley is moved by the taboo of the nude body, especially the female form, and wields organic line work to break the barrier from viewer to subject matter, inviting thought and relationship.

Haley has shown in national art fairs, art societies, galleries in Houston, participated as an artist in Houston galas and auctions, and is privately collected both nationally and internationally. She is published in OutSmart Magazine, Memorial Lifestyle Magazine, Shoutout HTX, Voyage Houston.