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French Renewed
Antiques & Art by Murielle Abeger.

Born in Paris (France, not Texas), the Georgia-based dealer specializes in turn-of-the-century French furniture. She has been selling her imports at the various antique show venues on Hwy 237 since 2005; including Arbor Antiques and Marburger Farm.

“All of my pieces are straight from Paris. I handpick them all, but I don’t sell anything as is; I will repaint a chair or add some chicken wire to a wardrobe. I love playing with my furniture and making it look better. My longtime customers run to my booth first, and they buy, buy, buy. An interior designer from Oklahoma City recently brought thirty of his clients, and they bought almost everything I had. Then there was a woman from Austin with nine bathrooms in her house who bought a $3,200 chest of drawers for her sixteen-year-old son. Another woman was going to buy a cabinet, but she got her tape measure out and realized it was two inches too long. I missed a $3,000 sale because of two inches! I always say to people, if you have two places in your home where you could put a piece, then you should buy it. But if you are not sure about something, walk away from it. If it’s been sold by the time you come back, it was not meant to be yours.” Treasure This (2013) -Texas Monthly