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Charcuterie Board 5.jpg
Charcuterie Board 1.jpg
Charcuterie Board 2.jpg
Charcuterie Board 3.jpg
Charcuterie Board 4.jpg
Kodama Stick 1.jpg
Kodama Sticks 3-Set of 3, 9000.jpg
Midnight Sea Sticks.jpg
Midnight Storm Sticks.jpeg
Tent : E1
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At DHV ARTWORKS, our mission is to promote the intrinsic value of art in every person’s life, without regard for education or income.  We are committed to curating an exceptional collection of contemporary fine art that challenges boundaries, sparks dialogue, and evokes emotions.  By providing a platform for artists to exhibit their work and share their stories, we aim to foster a vibrant artistic community and support the growth and development of emerging and underrepresented talents.  Through our engaging programs and education initiatives, we seek to cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation for art, enriching the cultural fabric of our society.  We are dedicated to creating an inclusive and welcoming space that encourages exploration, creativity and the exchange of ideas.