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Nature's Jewels
Bug In The Box
Purple Spotted Butterfly
Spanish Moon Moth
Sapphire Composition
Beetle Composition
Morpho Portis Butterfly
Insect Composition
Blue Morpho
Blanchards Ghost Butterfly
Cape York Birdwing
Beetle Grouping
Insect Composition
Sean Fan Butterflies
Tent : E
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Phone: 281.845.2749

Hello, welcome to the best luxury insect frame shop. Coming from a family of entomologist and artists we have a great foundation and inspiration for our work. Growing up all our lives with art, nature, insects and travel has made us appreciate the diversity earth has to offer. We have a great selection of seldom seen insects and butterflies from all parts of the world.

All  of our insects come from museums, farms and sanctuaries around the world after they have passed away naturally. We offer stylish handmade insect shadow boxes. Our shadow boxes make great gifts for your friends, family or just for yourself.