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Trio of Imani Vases
Kabaka Horns
Medium Hisani Lamps
Medium Kabaka horns
Honey Caramel Asha Bowls
Imani and Neema Vases
Purses made of Banana Fiber
Tiny Finch
Hisani Lamp
Okoa Cups
Lots of fun accents
Caddy and Sala Cuff made of horn
Horns on Lucite - Wall art
Milele Safari Trunk
Extra Large Kabaka horns
Tent : D
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Phone: 210-284-1497

ANKOLE LIVING designs, creates and sells one-of-a-kind statement pieces that reflect your distinct style with natural elegance.  The current Biophilia trend embodies our purpose and presence.  Everything is handmade from natural materials such as Ankole horn & leather, as well as plant fiber from East Africa.  Ankole Living ethically sources and creates its products in developing nations to drive economic growth by establishing sustainable businesses.  




    • We help you create stunning spaces that blend your distinct sense of style with your customers’ vision.
    • Make your own statement with our curated collection of one-of-a-kind home décor pieces that allow you to seamlessly merge nature with beauty.
    • You have a strong vision and distinct style. We have a versatile product that can be customized and modified to meet your needs. Want brass tips on our horns? We can do that. Prefer nickel piping over brass, no problem. 
    • Ankole Living is committed to working with designers to ensure the statement and accent pieces you select reflect your sense of style.
    • Because they’re both natural and elegant, our designs are transitional and versatile, making them smart investments for client’s who update their spaces regularly.
    • A well-established brand in the home décor and lifestyle space, Ankole Living is a name your high-end, socially-conscious customers know and trust.