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From my passion of home design and my NATURAL innovative spirit was born, NATURAL BY HAGELSIEB, this is a concept of decorative items for spaces in the home and office, created 100% by hand using a natural material, concrete.

I have always been amazed about this material, My dad used to work in a cement laboratory and I remember how excited it was to hear his stories about everything he can do with this amazing material.

All my concrete products are 100%handcrafted, after a several research, I designed a new and improved concrete mix to be shaped into some designs without losing its natural look and individual appeal.

As a local maker, I’ve been amazed by all the great artists around me, and always dreamt in having a perfect space to provide to customers a completely immersive experience to discover and enjoy the art of creativity. This is AMANO a Gallery/Showroom for collaborated handcrafted products full of art, beauty, pasion, skill, and qualityI. The magic of handmade (hecho A MANO) It’s all about the joy and effort that goes into each piece of work. It’s about the talent of each maker, the creativity and ingenuity of the maker, the enchantment of an individual’s imagination, every item is receiving a part of that human spirit, every item is a CREATION WITH SOUL.